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2019 Estate Sunset on the River

This Rio Vista staple is a blend of Pinot Grigio, Gewurztraminer and Viognier. A crisp orange wine that is perfectly paired with spicy foods, summertime, beach days and well, anything. Delicious and original aromas of apricot, clementine, marzipan, dried grapefruit peel and crushed cranberry start the parade while tantalizing flavors develop in the glass of deep raspberry. The Pinot Grigio skin contact gives an otherwise crisp wine, a beautifully rich depth of character and color. Residual Sugars 1.0%


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2018 Estate Syrah

Rio Vista Wine’s first vintage of Syrah is a home-run. Savory aromas of crushed peppercorn, fresh thyme and a hint of tobacco overwhelm the senses while preparing your palate to dive into intense flavors of boysenberry, juniper, ripened black fruit, smoked meat, iron & cocoa. This earth driven wine is polished, supple and silky, with plush fruit and soft contours. With a limited case production, we encourage you to take the plunge with this wholly dry red and indulge your senses before it’s too late.

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2018  Tempranillo

Our unabashed Spanish cowboy, so different in flavor and structure from our other wines.  Red plum, boysenberry and sweet earth round the front upper and lower palate. A varietally-correct structure directs the wine to the back palate. From there, it’s a wild ride of texture shooting in all directions. Dried tobacco leaf, fig, brown baking spice, vanilla and a hint of cedar linger on the finish. The grapes that adorn this beautiful wine were cultivated at both Rio Vista Wines and Rosebud Vineyards of Mattawa, WA.

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2019 Estate Viognier

This brilliantly straw colored wine immediately introduces aromas of pineapple, guava, papaya and passion fruit. The flavor profile is accentuated with ripe peach, banana and toasted marshmallow while providing a very pleasant, full viscosity wine. Juicy tropical notes linger on the long, persistent finish of Rio Vista’s Viognier. Residual Sugars 0.3%

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2019 Estate Wacky White

This luxurious blend of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Viognier has notes of juicy meyer lemon, honeycrisp apple and pineapple upside down cake interwoven with buttered croissant creaminess and refreshing acidity. Described as luscious and vibrant, this smooth white blend is classically unforgettable. Residual Sugars 0.6%


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2019 Estate Wild Rose Ros

This captivating wine tastes as beautiful as it looks and was created from 60% Barbara and 40% Tempranillo. This wine offers an all-encompassing, seductive nose of sweet cherry and wild berries. Specific notes of strawberry, baked rhubarb and caramelized blood orange beautifully entangle the senses while subtle, underlying flavors of pomegranate, black cherry, and rhubarb flirt with the palate. Extended skin contact makes this wine xx heavily pink with a nice tannic structure. Residual Sugars 1.5%


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